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According to “Reported Road Casualties in Great Britain: Quarterly Provisional”, the percentage of reported deaths and serious injuries on UK roads had slightly dipped. For example, as of June 2013, around 1,700 people died, at least 3% below the previous year during the same period. Serious injuries, meanwhile, decreased to 5%.

Nevertheless, these do not change the fact that road accidents are common in the country, and as long as you travel or drive your vehicle, you are at risk. What would you do if you figure yourself in such a situation? One of the options you have is to file for a road accident claim.

What is a road accident claim?

A road accident claim is a demand for compensation against a third party for the damage and loss you or somebody else may have incurred because of the accident. Contrary to what its name suggests, it is not just limited to roads and cars. If a vehicle happens to hit you while you are standing on a curb, then the driver can be liable and you can file for such a claim. It can also cover other types of vehicles such as bicycles.

What to Consider

If you think that you need to file for a road accident claim, then you have to remember the following:

1. File a report right away.

Normally if an accident happens on the road, a police will come over to check on the matter. Make sure you can follow the report up and you can get yourself a copy. Inform your auto insurance as soon as possible too.

2. Have yourself checked.

One of the most common issues after an accident relates to health. It is typical among drivers or passengers who met a head-on collision, the most usual kind of vehicle accident, to suffer from whiplash, which can last forever. A doctor can diagnose you properly, and you can use these medical findings when filing the claim. Sometimes, though, the full effect of the accident does not occur until a couple of years after. You can still file for a road accident claim, but it is subject to the limitation period of 3 years from the date of the accident or death (if the person aggrieved has died with the accident as the main cause).

3. Talk to a solicitor.

A solicitor can be your voice of reason and guide throughout the entire process. He can represent you and do his best to ensure that you win the case. He can also perform initial assessment to determine the strength of the case. Not all types of road accidents are ideal to be brought to court, considering the potential legal costs involved.

In the UK, all drivers are required to carry insurance at all times that can cover for damages due to accidents, but some people do not comply. The good news is even if the other party does not have one, you can still file a claim. Your solicitor can expound on this matter during case evaluation.

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