Plastic Surgery Claim

Definitely you’ve heard the many horror stories about botched plastic surgeries, including dental operations. Sandra (not her real name), for example, was an aspiring model who came from Italy to London. She wanted to have more curves, so she decided to go with some liposuction surgery around the abdomen, and breast augmentation. The liposuction went fine. After a few weeks, she already went back to her usual routine. However, her breast augmentation procedure didn’t go as planned. In a few days after the operation, she suffered from infection, which later spread all around the shoulder and arms. To prevent sepsis, the ER had no other recourse but to remove her left arm and both her breasts.

You can just imagine how horrifying it was for Sandra and the thousands of men and women who suffered from plastic surgery gone wrong. There’s surely no compensation enough to cover for the pain they are going through, but they can at least look forward to be justly compensated for the wrongdoing.

If you find yourself a victim of a bad plastic surgery, you can consider filing for a plastic surgery claim.

How to File for a Claim

The law gives you at most 3 years to file for a wrongful plastic surgery claim. That should be a sufficient amount of time to trace the consequences or pain to the actual surgery or operation. Nevertheless, a solicitor would always advise you to do it as soon as you can.

One of the first things you need to do is to establish the liable party and what the mistake was. Is it negligence or malpractice? Not all kinds of infections can be considered a sign of negligence. In fact, it’s always expected to happen after every surgery, even if it’s not plastic surgery. But if the doctor or any of the staff has forgotten or deliberately ignored the signs of infection or failed to give you the right post-operation care, they can be held liable. They may also be a liable party if they misrepresented claims, particularly in ads. For instance, they may claim that they’re using the best silicone gels for the breasts, but the truth is they aren’t. You can also file for compensation if they fail to mention very important details during your pre-surgery process.

Then you need to work with a solicitor. In the UK, there are hundreds of solicitors, but only a number do specialise or have any knowledge and expertise in plastic surgery claims, so make sure you can verify their expertise or the company pairs you up with someone who has experience.

Meanwhile, many companies these days offer a no win no fee agreement, which means you don’t have to pay any fees. Instead, they get one once the case has already been won. If you lose, you still have your insurance policy to cover for the needs of the other party. Note, however, that these firms agree to such an arrangement only when they’re sure you cannot afford the case but you have a very high chance of winning.

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